Asphalt Batching Plant

Ashitech is one of the leading asphalt batching plant manufacturers in India. We make cutting-edge asphalt mixer plants based on the current industry standards. With our batch mix plant, our clients can create asphalt mix as per their requirements.

As a renowned company of asphalt mixing plant manufacturers, we have come up with a unique design that improves thermal efficiency, lowers heat losses, aids power saving, reduces the thermal stresses on the drying drum, thus improving the burner efficiency. The burner itself comes specifically designed for the client company to meet definite protocols and the efficiency levels designed by us to ensure that our clients obtain the best product. We also make sure that our hot mix plant cost is perfectly affordable.

The ABM series of asphalt batching plants are renowned for their high efficiency, production capability, and low maintenance.

MODEL ABM-80 ABM-100 ABM-120 ABM-160 ABM-180 ABM-200
PLANT CAPACITY (TPH)* 80 t/h 100 t/h 120 t/h 160 t/h 180 t/h 200 t/h
BATCH SIZE 1000 kg 1250 kg 1500 kg 2000 kg 2250 kg 2500 kg
COLD FEED BINS (NO. OF BINS) 4 4 4 4 4/5 4/5
CHARGING CONVEYOR CAPACITY (TPH) 100 t/h 120 t/h 140 t/h 180 t/h 200 t/h 220 t/h
DRYER TYPE 4W Friction drive
BURNER TYPE High pressure, fully automatic, modulating
FUEL Diesel / Light Diesel Oil/furnace oil
HOT ELEVATOR CAPACITY (TPH) 100 t/h 120 t/h 100 t/h 180 t/h 200 t/h 220 t/h
FILLER ELEVATOR CAPACITY x x 21 t/h 21 t/h 25 t/h 25 t/h
FILLER COMPRESSOR UNIT 15 t/h 15 t/h x x x x
NO. OF. DECK 4 4 4 4 4/5 4/5
SCREENING CAPACITY 100 t/h 120 t/h 100 t/h 180 t/h 200 t/h 220 t/h
HOT AGGREGATED 4 4 4 4 4/5 4/5
HOT AGGREGATED BIN UNIT (NO. OF BINS) 1250 kg 1500 kg 1800 kg 2500 kg 2750 kg 3250 kg
FILLER HOPPER CAPACITY 150 kg 150 kg 200 kg 200 kg 300 kg 300 kg
BITUMEN HOPPER CAPACITY 150 kg 150 kg 200 kg 200 kg 300 kg 300 kg
MIXTURE TYPE UNIT Twin-shaft hot oil jacketed
MIXTURE CAPACITY 1500 kg 1500 kg 1800 kg 2500 kg 2750 kg 3250 kg
PRIMARY TYPE Centrifugal cyclone unit
SECONDARY TYPE Bag filter unit
BAG FILTER TYPE Reverse airflow
FILTER AREA 200m2 200m2 340m2 340m2 450m2 450m2
CONTROL PANEL TYPE Fully Synchronized with manual over-ride ( HMI/PLC Based)
HEATING SYSTEM Direct heating / indirect heating
THERMIC OIL x x 200000/400000/600000
PLANT CAPACITY RATED AT: ≤3% moisture content in cold aggregates, 38°C atmospheric temperature aggregated
density of 1.6tons/m3 mean sea level,
Ambient temperature of 35°C Hot mix temperature of 150°C

Asphalt Batching Plant Features:

  1. Specially designed drum flight patterns through extensive research help in reducing fuel consumption considerably.
  2. The drying drum is also provided with friction drive technology to reduce any maintenance. It comes fitted with a state-of-the-art atomizing burner developed by the company to obtain maximum performance with minimum consumption.
  3. The inclined circular motion vibrating screens of the bitumen batching plant contribute to top-notch performance, and free-floating screen design prevents vibrations from being transferred to the weighing scales.
  4. The hot bin unit comes equipped with highly efficient low maintenance pneumatic controls with level indicators provide with system integration to allow for automatic control of the aggregate input from cold feeder Bins, thus minimizing material loss.
  5. The weighing system is reliable, accurate, and maintenance-free due to the vast R&D done behind to develop such one of a kind system specifically for this product. It is one of the main reasons behind the product’s success in such a short time after its introduction.
  6. The mixer unit is the heart of the continuous asphalt mixing plantand has a large live zone, realizing a quick and even mixing of asphalt.
  7. The mixer unit is hot oil jacketed and supplied with low-maintenance drive the paddle arm and the paddle arm tips are designed to great detail by the company to facilitate even mixing and superior distribution of bitumen throughout the batch. The paddles, arms, and tips are wear-resistant and made of hardened cast alloy steel. The mixer unit has anti-wear liner plates.

Dryer Unit

At Ashitech, we take special care while designing the dryer units that can be used for the asphalt mix plants. We use cutting-edge technology and design solutions to create the dryer units that can be used for creating the perfect mix which can then be used for the project. The highly advanced roller friction drive technology that comes with our dryer units naturally makes them robust which minimizes the need for regular maintenance. Moreover, they can also deliver exquisite performance for diverse project requirements. The preheat system that is fitted with the dryer unit ensures fast drying with excellent thermal efficiency.

Tower Unit

We have created our tower unit with extreme attention to details so that the various components of the system work together to ensure a seamless performance. We have kept the design perfectly free floating so that the vibrations do not affect the performance of the system in any way. We have also introduced multiple inspection doors that make it easier for the working team to carry out inspections as and when they want. The pneumatic controls that come with the hot bin unit make it easier to implement effective input control for the aggregates, which can become crucial during various projects.

Control System

The asphalt mix plant control panel that we have designed for our machines are equipped with state of the art with microprocessor based controlling system. The on-board electrical power control and management system is fitted with micro-controller driven load-cell system that is synchronized with AC drives for the feeders. There are also asphalt and filler controls, main burner controls, bitumen controls, and other types of AC motor controls. There is also a digital flow meter, a temperature scanner as well as a digital set point indicator that ensures optimum measurement accuracy. The high end computing feature that is fitted within the control system can provide with a log sheet and a detailed production record for a single year. Its power circuit is completely protected from all kinds of power irregularities. There are also mimic panels, alarm annunciator panels and status lamps that ensure high level of operator convenience.

As professional asphalt mix plant designers and producers, we understand how vital the control panel can be to manage the operation of the whole system. We therefore implement a control panel a seamless operation while at the same time include elements that make it all the simpler for the working team to get the most out of it.

Feeder Unit


Our cold aggregate bin feeders are ideally welded and molded to make sure that the aggregates flow smoothly and easily within the bins without ever sticking to the corners and edges. Our designers have also made sure that the feeder units have a distinct modular structure that delivers superior scalability and flexibility to accommodate the growing and changing needs of the company using them. These bins have adjustable and flexible calibrated gate openings and drives that allow feeding the aggregate material at variable speeds. The control panel also has no flow indicators that can simplify their working to a great extent.

The gathering conveyor systems that come with these feeder units are well-designed to help in transporting the material easily to its slinger conveyor at a perfectly uniform speed. The gate openings can ensure perfect proportionate control. It means that the working team can expect to have complete accuracy and precision of operations. The feeder unit help detects and removes oversized materials that can cause a hindrance to smooth operations with the aggregate material. It can also help the team to make the best use of their resources and time.

Lime Filler

Lime Filler

Our lime filler comes designed with the latest technological tools to make sure that they make things a lot easier for the working team. If you are looking to use our lime filler to reduce stripping of the material, then you can make use of our lime filler systems. We follow a modular design for our lime filler, which naturally makes them far more flexible and easier to use. Using our lime filler can help in minimizing the chances of fractures that can be a problem when you are working with aggregates. With the individual silo design and the screw conveyor, you can add lime or any other material like dust and cement that you consider suitable for your production needs.

Lime can be added in several different ways to the aggregate when you are working on a building project. Since we have made sure that the design of our lime filler is perfectly flexible, you can have a greater level of choice on how you want to work with lime components. We are familiar with the current requirements of the building and construction sector. It has enabled us to create a lime filler that can ensure robust operations every time.

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