Batch Mix Plant Operation: An Overview

Batch Mix Plant Operation: An Overview

If you are here on this page, then you must be looking for consistent performance from your mixing plants. However, if you are planning to buy one, then why should you opt for a batch mix plant. A batch mix plant is essential for any road-building enterprise. The features of an asphalt batch mix plant are numerous starting from easy and fast set up and installation, user-friendly control, reliable, durable, fuel-efficient, and low maintenance.

In comparison to drum kinds, batch mix plants are found to be more effective and sophisticated in their sphere of work and functionalities. This article will attempt to simplify the functioning of an asphalt batch mix plant.

Asphalt Plants Differs in Shapes and Sizes

Batch and drum mixing plants are two types of mixing plants and their applications are widespread in the industrial scenario. Batch asphalt plants: These plants create hot mix asphalt in many batches. Plants that continually produce asphalt mix are known as drum mix asphalt plants. Drum mix and counterflow plants are common examples that you must consider to make your choice as per your own requirement.

The distinction is not limited to the mode of manufacturing. However, each piece of equipment creates varied kinds of hot mix asphalt. This device can also be modified to produce hot mix asphalt from recycled materials. Plants of both the batch and drum types have variants that allow RAP to be added (Reclaimed asphalt pavement).

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Working Principle

Heat treatment defines the batch plant working principle. Heated stones and measuring bitumen weighing filler material are amalgamated with bitumen and filler material to generate hot mix asphalt. Based on the mix ingredient formula chosen in the control center, the proportion of every component can change. The aggregate size and percentage will also largely depend on the procedure used.

There is a provision in the hot mix plant’s mixing unit for adding salvaged asphalt in circumstances when it is required. The RAP content is metered before being added to the mixing machine. Depending on your needs, asphalt mixing plant manufacturers should provide you with either stationary or mobile asphalt mixing plants.

There are a few operations that all batch mixing plants have in common. These include the following:

  • Aggregate collection and feeding in the cold
  • Drying and heating
  • Hot aggregate screening and storing
  • Bitumen and filler material storage and heating
  • Bitumen, aggregate, and filler material measuring and mixing
  • Loading of ready-to-use asphalt mix
  • A control panel oversees all of the plant’s operations.

Besides, there are options available to include reclaimed asphalt into the mix. Make sure you check the capacity to make the final decision. Check the control panel which is the heart of any system and controls all the essential operations of the mixing plant. It even displays all the crucial parameters in any panel. Sophisticated controls will enable hassle-free and smooth operation.

To conclude

Choose the right solution that works well for your purpose. Consider the functions that would improve your output and add to the efficiency.

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