Bitumen Drum Decanter

ASHITECH® is a well-known Bitumen Decanter Manufacturer in India. We have been building state-of-the-art Bitumen Decanting Machine units for a long time now. We make Drum Melter systems that are stable and can deliver a long-lasting performance.

As a company that has been designing and producing top-of-the-line bitumen drum decanter systems for our buyers, we are capable of creating drum decanter units that are reliable, highly efficient, and deliver optimum productivity every time. With these bitumen drum decanter systems, it is possible to have reliable performance for all projects. Our decanters are well-designed for reheating and melting the bitumen packed in the drums.

MODEL AE 210 AE 310 AE 410
Capacity 3500 kg/hr. 5500 kg/hr. 7000 kg/hr.

We have made our bitumen drum decanters after extensive research into the practical applications and challenges in using them. These units can be used with bulk storage tanks. The melted bitumen can be transferred smoothly and automatically from the reservoir of the decanter to its storage tank while the process is being carried out. The bitumen drum decanters can help in seamless integration to the existing installations like the bitumen binder production systems and the asphalt plants.

The benefit of choosing these high-performance drum decanters is that they can help deal with the complex logistics of working with bitumen. Hence, most road contractors in various markets prefer to work with the bitumen drum decanters that we offer.

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