Why Is Wet Mix Macadam Plant Preferred To WBM?

Why Is Wet Mix Macadam Plant Preferred To WBM?

An improvement over the traditional WBM or Wet Bound Macadam is the construction of Wet mix macadam. They are considered alternative and more durable pavement layers for highway works and roads.

Hence, it is an ideal road construction machinery that assists builders in obtaining a homogenous mixture used in the construction projects.

A piece of construction equipment like wet mix macadam can be designed to meet the different needs of the client projects. The market today provides wet mix macadam plants in diverse capacities that ensure high performance and cost-efficiency.

Wet Mix Macadam (WMM) consists of crushed and graded aggregates mixed with other granular materials and water. The premix is rolled as a layer of dense mass on the road surface. They are compacted and laid as per the requirement of the project. The WMM can be laid in one or several layers, but the single compacted layer thickness should be a minimum of 75 mm and a maximum of 200 mm. The aggregate measurement in WBM is in cubic meters, while measured in square meters in WMM.

A WMM road lasts longer than that of a WBM road. Also, the WMM takes less time to dry after it is laid compared to a WBM road. It means the construction site can be opened to traffic in less time, whereas a WBM road takes around a month to dry up. Another advantage is that the construction of the WMM road is faster.

Wet Mix Macadam – Plant Mix

For a Wet Mix Macadam to function efficiently, the following set of equipment, machinery, and plant is required.

  • Wet Mix Macadam plant
  • Loader
  • Wet Mix Macadam Paver
  • Motor Grader
  • Two sets of Vibratory Rollers with a capacity of 80-100 KN static weight
  • Plate compactor according to project requirement
  • Dumpers and tippers of capacity 10 Tonnes – 20 Tonnes


The Wet Mix Macadam Plant is designed for road contractors who want a reliable and proven machine for road construction projects. This plant has a simple design with an easy-to-use control panel. It also has many other features and offers the flexibility of use depending on the size requirement. The mixing unit has quality components that result in its durability and ability to withstand rough use in tough working environments. These plants are strategically designed to match up to the toughest job site needs. Hence, these plants are known for their high uptime and reliability.

If you are looking for a wet mix macadam, make sure you choose a reputable company in the market that maintains complete transparency in its dealings with clients. Look for features that you get with the product, whether it is a fully computerized control panel or electrical power console. Easy and smooth functioning saves a lot of valuable time and money. Consider your needs first and then choose from the manual operational, semi, and fully automated features and varying capacities. Keep in mind that you can always customize your product to suit your requirements.

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