Bitumen Decanter Makes the Paving of Roads Easier

Bitumen Decanter Makes the Paving of Roads Easier

The condition of most of the roads in India deteriorates during the monsoon season. The leading cause of damage is water flooding which erodes the asphalt resulting in cracks and potholes. Apart from providing a proper drainage system, the life of the road can be increased by using a water-resistant layer.

Materials such as coal tar-based sealants are effective as it is found to be unaffected by water. On the other hand, Bitumen is another waterproofing material that has been in use as paving material for ages.

What is Bitumen?

Bitumen is a black sticky material that is hydrophobic and tends to repel water.
The word sounds scientific, and therefore people refer to it as asphalt. However, both Bitumen and asphalt are different. Bitumen is a liquid binder that holds the asphalt together. Since they prevent water penetration, they are popular and used as a waterproofing material.

A Bitumen sealed road is first sprayed on the surface, and then it is covered by aggregate and given a two-coat seal.

Contractors who work on road projects have to prepare the Bitumen on-site for doing the pavement job. The Bitumen has to be melted and turn into liquid condition for spraying on the road surface. For this, contractors prefer Bitumen decanter.

What is a Bitumen Decanter?

Bitumen Decanter, also known as Bitumen melting machine, is melting solid Bitumen into liquid. Solid Bitumen comes in drums or barrels. Thermal oils, then heat them. By heating, the property of the Bitumen does not change. Contractors prefer using decanters as they are using them to handle logistically, safe, reliable, and economical ways to melt Bitumen.

How does it work?

The bitumen decanter is not a complicated machine, and the only procedure used is heating and melting.
Other auxiliary actions include hoisting the drums, storing liquid Bitumen, barrel movements, and utilizing melted Bitumen.
• The barrels containing solid Bitumen are sent to the melting chamber using a hydraulic arm or manually.
• The pipeline installed at the bottom of the melting chamber carries thermal oil and transfers heat to the solid Bitumen.
• The solid Bitumen is extracted from the barrels or drums and drops down into the bitumen storage tanks containing the bitumen pool.

Advantages of using a Bitumen decanter over melting

• Easy movement of Bitumen to remote locations
• Safe and easy way to melt
• Less time to install leads to greater productivity
• Environment friendly and easy to maintain
• Cost-effective as it helps to melt a large quantity of Bitumen in a short time
• The machine is simple to operate, and therefore no particular operator is required.
• The temperatures are controlled thermostatically
• Using hot gases ensure uniform heating
• Adequate storage capacity with pumping facility

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Last but not the least, a bitumen decanter is an ideal machine that ensures a regular supply of liquid Bitumen at construction sites. It is a perfect solution for those contractors who have to work at different and remote locations for paving roads.


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