Road Construction Machine Bhutan

Ashitech Equipment is one of the most well known manufacturers of Road Construction Machine systems in India. Our Bhutan road building machines are made in such a way that they can be used for making roads even under the most difficult conditions. Whether you are looking to get a road making machine for paving purposes or carpeting work, we can expect our products to offer you the finest performance. In fact, our road paver machine systems are considered to be extremely useful and feature rich by our users. By working with our road construction heavy equipment systems, you can achieve extensive levels of construction work in less time.

Our Services:

We focus on seamlessly combining the best of innovation with practicality. This is why our mobile asphalt mixing plant systems are always in high demand in Bhutan. So once you have decided that you are going to get asphalt plant for your project, just let us know what you are looking for and we can guide you to the best products.

Our Achievements:

Since we always put the needs of our clients first, we understand the importance of delivering top quality machines that can be useful for them at all times. Therefore we perform intensive research for making our asphalt drum mix plant units that our users can be happy with.

Road Building Machine, Bhutan

At Ashitech Equipment Pvt. Ltd., we have made it our goal to become the most important provider of Drum Mix Plant and Wet Mix Macadam Plant systems that money can buy. Our engineers are capable of creating user friendly Bitumen Drum Decanter systems that can be used in many ways.


We research the best technology, ideate prototypes, and finally design and manufacture machinery to give most economic use of machinery.


Our production facilities are quality assured & have the best of machines to produce world class machinery which is sturdy, lasting & safe for your construction needs.


Ashitech offers superior service aptly defected by our satisfied clients in over 15 countries.

Ashitech is a brand that our client always trust.

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