Road Construction Machine Nepal

Ashitech Equipment is the industry leader making different types of road construction machines like road paver machines and asphalt batch mix plant machines. We offer an extensive range of road construction machines and associated systems for the Nepal market. Our experience in road construction heavy equipment production has made it possible for us to come up with the best quality road carpeting, paver finishing, and other types of road-making machine systems that are super useful in several ways.

Our Services:

Whether you are interested in getting a mobile asphalt mixing plant or any Drum Mix Plant, you can count on us for the best solutions. We always make state-of-the-art working methods to produce the machines.

Our Achievements:

Over the years, we have established ourselves as one of the industry leaders making high-end bitumen batch mix plant systems and asphalt drum mix plant units. All our systems are well-built and thus capable of delivering continuous performance.

Road Building Machine, Nepal

Our Bitumen Drum Decanter systems are one of the most technologically advanced decanters you can find in the market with technologies so modern incorporated in it that the possibilities are endless feel free to contact us regarding the cost-saving options and technologies we can provide to you.


We research the best technology, ideate prototypes, and finally design and manufacture machinery to give most economic use of machinery.


Our production facilities are quality assured & have the best of machines to produce world class machinery which is sturdy, lasting & safe for your construction needs.


Ashitech offers superior service aptly defected by our satisfied clients in over 15 countries.

Ashitech is a brand that our client always trust.

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